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Furthermore, Sacombank’s staff has assigned to keep an eye on ATM boxes, regularly check and maintain ATMs’ operation.

The staff has been trained to detect signs of card fraud at ATMs as well as minimize the risk occurring.

In the morning of April 25, 2017, this customer detected the transaction via the automatic notice message and contacted Sacombank’s officer immediately. Nguyen Minh Tam, Deputy CEO of Sacombank said that “After getting the information, Sacombank has taken action quickly to find out the reason and it was reported that the customer’s information was stolen to make a fake card.

The security camera at ATM recorded the fraudster taking out cash by swiping the fake card.

Virtual Card is a non-bearer international prepaid card under Visa’s name.

The providers do not issue plastic cards but only grant a card number, expiration date and card security code (CVV2) through e Banking or a Partner website for individual/organizational customers wishing to pay for goods and services online via an electronic payment gateway or via e-mail or telephone (MOTO transactions), except for transactions with betting nature or special transactions notified by the State Bank or Visa card organization or the General Director from time to time.

Hence, Sacombank supported to return money to this customer in the morning of April 26, submitted related information, photos as well as cooperated with the High-Tech Crime Prevention (C50) in investigation.” Facing the number of high-tech criminals increasing rapidly, Sacombank would like customers to avoid card fraud by taking steps to keep your card details safe as follows: 1.

From now to March 31, 2017 - Rebating, cashing back up to 1 million VND and discount from 5% to 40% for Sacombank’s cardholders when making purchase at Carlo Rino, MD STORY Pearls, OPI nail care, Hollywood Beauty Salon, Chill Sky Bar, EON51 Restaurant, Ice Cream Fanny, Cholon Tourist, Evason Ana Mandara Nha Trang Resort…

However, in order to keep your asset safe, you should be careful when using your bank card.

When shopping, paying by card at supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc., cashiers are usually the ones to keep your card and make transactions; hence, card information might be stolen.

5 Always keep information confidential when using e-banking For passwords to access e-banking services, personal email, you need to set strong passwords, change your passwords frequently, and should not use the password save function for next time log in automatically.

In particular, you need to limit the use of computer, public wifi network when accessing e-banking.

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Go online shopping - Tokenization technology: Card information is encrypted for each transaction, which is highly secure and anti-cloning - Sacombank 3D Secure Service: The best security solution by using an OTP for every purchase The cardholder does not need to remember OTPs.

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