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Each red bag (as seen at Nick Havens’s feet) is a bushel of bay scallops.

(Photo by Tara Israel) Others catch scallops by hanging dredges (metal baskets) over the side of small boats, then pulling the dredges in by hand and separating the scallops from seaweed and other unwanted items.

' when it came to her promise not to have sex on TV.

Previously, Montana had said how nervous she was that Alex's mum had seen the couple having sex on TV.

The whole of Wales has been absolutely rooting for you.'Pushed on his true feelings for Amber, Kem confesses: 'I genuinely do think I'm in love with her.'Kem's mum says: 'When I see her with you and how happy you are, as a mother that just makes me so happy.' The talk of weddings even arises, when Kem's brother ribs him about his best man, reinforcing the idea that these could be the 'future' in-laws.

Sex is the hot topic when it comes to the couple's surprise run-in and Amber's mum and dad seem ready for the talk.

The crab was a species Heath and Havens had never seen before, so they brought the boat over to show Persico.

'And I've shouted and sworn at her son and vice versa so I was thinking they might hate me.'Perfect gentleman Jamie admits that he had 'wants to do well' by Camilla when he is introduced to her parents.

Later in the Beach Hut, he says: 'It was really weird meeting Cam's parents.'It's their daughter and you want to do right by the daughter and you want to make sure you are looking after her.

As these fishing families dwindle in the face of environmental regulation and competition from big business, Kuntz and Israel share their memories from many mornings out at sea.

A few miles west of the big commercial fishing docks in Montauk you will find the baymen of East Hampton.

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It suits her frame beautifully with the knotted midriff helping to create more of an hourglass silhouette.

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