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When this next person in the chain received your message, the process repeated until, the researchers hoped, a chain formed all the way from you to the target person.

Among other things, the experiment hoped to determine what the average length of such a chain is, providing some statistical validation or refutation of the “six degrees” notion.

A Wired News article from January 15, 2002 discusses both the Small World Research Project and the Electronic Small World Project, a similar undertaking at Ohio State University.

Osgood Robert "Oz" Perkins II is an American actor.

Perkins' first acting role was in 1983's Psycho II, in which he briefly appeared as the twelve-year-old version of the Norman Bates character his father had portrayed.

And although people most frequently chose friends as the next link, professional relationships were much more likely to lead to a successful chain.

I participated in a couple of chains in the experiment’s first round, and although I consider myself relatively well-connected, neither of my chains successfully found its target.

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