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The preservation pages provide lists of many of the AEC buses in preservation.The information is collated directly from the owners or other interested parties, from reports in "Buses" and PSV Circle newsletters and from Internet searches of vehicles I have photographed myself.Two former Bradford AEC Regent Vs with Metro Cammell bodywork are preserved at the Keighley Bus Museum. Sister 204 was also there, but appears to have been used for spares at it was in a stripped state in summer 2011.Also there is Regent I KY 9106 and an AEC Mandator sevice vehicle new to Huddersfield.Sister vehicle RFO 361 (ex 241 AJB) is now preserved by Roselyn Coaches of Par, Cornwall, having worked in the Falmouth area for a number of years.240 AJB was latterly in the heritage fleet of ACE Travel of Aintree (now ceased trading), although not operated, current whereabouts not known.

It was running at the Wroughton rally (Thamesdown centenary) in 2004 while privatelypreserveed and is now a residnet of the Oxford Bus Museum.Allan Morse sent the picture of 408 at the Barry event in June 2004.Ex Cotters Tours Reliance/Plaxton WUS 248 was with a private preservationist, but was sold in 2015 and has appeared in a yard where it seems it may be scrapped: https://It latterly operated with Shaftesbury & District (as YAZ 6393) and was purchased for preservation by the proprietor of Romeround (Dorset) in 2009.It has been restored to the Greenline livery it never carried in service, but was for sale in early 2013.

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Such vehicles frequently appear at rallies and running days.

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