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Thankfully metal is now starting to be recognised as being the greenest substrate in use, for both packaging and products alike.

This message is now slowly filtering down to the real decision makers - the high street consumers.

The Harpedonaptae were architectural specialists who were called in to lay out the foundation lines of buildings.

Harpedonaptae, literally translated, means "rope stretchers" or "rope fasteners" of ancient Egypt (long before Solomon's Temple was built).The 47th Problem of Euclid established those true East and West lines, so the rope stretchers could ascertain a perfect 90 degree angle to the North/South line which they had established using the stars.The instructions are below, but it is easier to follow the instructions in a step-by-step manner (with string and sticks in hand) than it is to only read them for a complete understanding.You will find the materials we use are listed on the Periodic Table and, as a result, unlike all other forms of packaging, metal is infinitely recyclable without any loss of material, quality or performance.The diagram below demonstrates how metals are never able to be lost or destroyed, only discovered, used, reused, or in the worst case, redistributed (where magnetism can later retrieve it).

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It is said by some that he then sacrificed a hecatomb (a sacrificial offering to God of up to 100 oxen or cattle).

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