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Most commonly, this is diabetes, as high blood sugar levels damage nerves, but alcohol abuse, viruses or an injury such as a fractured bone can all trigger it.Or it can be the result of an inherited susceptibility.Are there any problems with using these pills long-term?In short, I believe that insomnia — where someone either fails to get off to sleep, or has difficulty staying asleep — is generally not well-managed by GPs.

What you need is an evaluation by specialists at a sleep clinic.

The problem is that their effect on brain chemicals — which, in many cases, are not fully understood — means they can lead to dependence and withdrawal symptoms when used for long periods.

For your information, zolpidem has a licence for the short-term treatment of insomnia and, therefore, should only be taken for a maximum of four weeks in order to avoid these problems.

The researchers said there was no reason to stay in bed for longer than it takes to ‘get your breath back’.

The condition affects one in 50 people, and there can be a variety of causes.

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The treatment that follows will depend upon the findings, but won’t be drug-based.

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