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You can even receive alerts when it's time to leave as traffic conditions change.

Learn more → The totally redesigned menu bar app now displays a navigable mini-month calendar with colored dots and bars that provide a visual density map of your availability.

You can also search and filter events in your calendar based on tags.

Note: Tags in Busy Cal map to Categories in Exchange/Outlook.

displaying an 8-week month view with weekends hidden), all of which you can be accessed with a keyboard shortcut or a button on the toolbar.

Learn more → Busy Cal displays alarms in a movable, resizable floating window that offers the ability to snooze alarms for any number of minutes, hours or days.

And we've added support for Timed To Dos that occur at a specific time of day and appear inline with your calendar events.

You can click on an event in the menu bar to view its details, and create new events and to dos using natural language.The Info Panel has been completely redesigned in Busy Cal 3 and boasts a cleaner, modern look with improved controls for selecting dates and times, adding locations, attendees and more.What's more, the info panel is completely customizable.And, unlike other calendar apps, Busy Cal's menu bar app is always running, even when the main Busy Cal app is not running, so you always have access to your schedule.Learn more → Busy Cal enables you to create events and to dos using natural language.

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You can also rename calendars, change calendar colors, or arrange related calendars into collapsible groups.

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