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Making the game access the disk for a small data call, like changing the skin, seems to prevent it from choking on the much larger data calls, like pulling in the World list. Can't even re down load packs to make them work because there is a bug which duplicates at least one pack on the menu.It is almost as if the small data call allows Minecraft to see how much space is actually available in a temporary cache location, before attempting to load the next chunks of data. Every time you RE down load one, it over writes the NEXT! Thank you so much for the workaround, I had the same problems as described here and all is working fine with this workaround.Here is a long grumpy thread of people having similar issues: There are more than a few people referencing the hard disk buffers/cache being overloaded.I also suspect this is the case and it makes perfect sense why this workaround works if true.After that, push Circle to back out of the skin selector.You should see the Save animation in the upper right, let this finish.

Tried playing 2 players offline but when the other player joins it crashes the game instantly.

Anyway if you need more help I will try my best to help you. Actually games can do two types of updates if the game is newer or contains firmware newer then what's installed on the console it will refuse to run unless you update the system firmware, this will erase your CFW if you update. Google "PS3 4.78 spoofer" or download the latest Rebug from exactly does it say when you boot the game?

The message looks similar to this "The system software of your PS3 system is 4.70. WWE2k16 Asking for Software Version update if i update it then my ps3 CFW will be broken..? If it's a software update then you need to spoof your firmware or update your CFW.

my son has been working on a world all summer, after updating to V1.57 the he cannot get past the 'loading' message on the main menu.

I've deleted data, restored file system, rebuild the database, deleted and reinstalled the game. Here's one more that is suffering from this same issue.

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