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Action Link("Login", "Login") The expression begins immediately after the @ symbol, and Razor is smart enough to know that the closing parenthesis indicates the end of this particular statement.

Partial views needn’t always be full pages, however—splitting a page into multiple partial views is often a very good way to help simplify an otherwise over-whelming and complex view.

Though they use a different syntax, the two snippets for each of the examples render the same HTML.

Differentiating Code and Markup Razor provides two ways to differentiate code from markup: code nuggets and code blocks.

For example, each line of code written in C# must include a semicolon (;) at the end, just as if it lived within a class in a file.

Here is an example of a typical code block: @ Views | 27 Both examples effectively render the same HTML, though they do it in very different ways.

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JSON objects leverage two types of data structures to represent data: collections of name/value pairs, and ordered lists of values (aka arrays).

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