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In all honesty, he and Barbie really aren't all that different. Now years have passed and he can't get her out of his head. / He can't help feeling like, by walking away, he's saying goodbye to her and to love forever."Damon, why did you resurrect me?

/ He nevertheless finds it hard to pull away, discomfort be damned. " she asks, and there are more questions in those six words than he knows how to answer.

Made desperate by depression and repressed shellshock, Steve Rogers decides to take control of his life since The Battle of New York, and tries to find that waitress he saved. Nott did always say it was the quiet ones you had to watch out for... Billy and Jenny don't remember anything, all they know is that they are drawn to each other, but as they start to remember their feelings deepen full sum inside Sasu/Saku. Porque el 24 de Abril de 1982 nació la pequeña princesa del príncipe de Slytherin, la pequeña Greengrass y futura señora Malfoy.But she'd also been shallow and looking for approval. / Five times that Caroline broke her promises, and one where she made an unbreakable one. Gale has just been granted a fresh start working for the military in District 2 when a girl from his past shows up and threatens to change everything. And then, there were soft arms around him, pulling him back from the abyss. All that is left is to say goodbye to the only person she has ever felt geniune love for. Cato/Clove, Marvel/Glimmer; slight Cato/Glimmer Tenten estaba enojada por que Neji habia dicho que ella no era femenina, ella se habia vengado demostrandole lo femenina que podia ser y dejandolo con las "ganas"...ahora es el turno de Neji de vengarse... Conseguir el regalo de cumpleaños de tu hijo no debe ser un gran problema. Tercer lugar del reto "Cumpleaños del 2012" del foro The Ruins.With his foundations shaken and a rebel fringe group causing terror for the new government, Gale is forced to face his demons or risk losing everything that matters to him. With her eyes closed, she can hate him and the way his heart beats erratically and the way his hand makes its way over to her face and cups her cheek lightly, wipes away tears. One shot, angst I wrote this because my ultimate OTP is Thor x Amora and there were no fanfics of them. Al menos éso piensa Draco, sobretodo cuando un perrito lo consigues en casi cualquier tienda... Madge wasn't going to leave without showing Gale how she truly felt. Previously titled "The Last Goodbye"It's easier to think that she's just a bubble-headed blond that means nothing to him because he's just using her, and her eyes aren't that pretty, right?O tal vez todo estuviera todo perfecto, depende como se mirara. Ya saben, Emily Sirius, James y Lily, Niky y Lupin ¿quieren saber que les pasaria en septimo?Pero una cosa era cierta ¡Lily Evans y James Potter estaban de novios! Everyone knows it's not easy growing up poor in District 12, but does the mayor's daughter really have it any easier? todos de novios ¿o no...because your life is dark and it needs some light and you could buy up all of the stars, but it wouldn't change who you are.

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Él lo sabía y se enorgullecía de sus padre como pocos podían, porque aunque ellos no eran héroes de guerra, lo habían amado hasta el final... Fue dos semanas después de que cumplió 18, vestida de blanco iría a la iglesia esa noche. Now that Peeta is dead Katniss is crushed and when she returns home Gale and Madge try to help her heal, while they run into their own issues as well.

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