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Do I need Henry Cavill to REALLY fly, or is it all right for me to believe for 90 minutes that he's Superman and enjoy his performance without muttering under my breath like a basement-dwelling misfit "harumph -- he's not REALLY a superhero! And how dare anyone ENJOY seeing him pretend to be one when we all KNOW he isn't!"R16 and then on top of that, agree to appear in a documentary on MTV about it.Go onto Twitter and he's huffing and puffing at some invisible account that pissed him off. I've seen his porn films, know his true identity, and would love to out this bastard for the closeted jerk I know he is.The only thing that's stopping me is his mother and father still live in the small town we grew up in, and I know it would ruin their lives. Do you out the asshole and possibly ruins other people's lives ? He signed autographs of pictures from his first couple of bsb shoots. He's started a crowd fund thing , took it down and then said he could sell you phone cases , pillow cases and blankets . I'm probably just a sucker, but I saw that MTV "true" life thing and ended up feeling sorry for the guy. I can't say what's in the guy's heart or whether he is, as some say, a classic closet case or if he's genuinely G4P.What many of you haven't scene is some one who is narcissistic , a liar, a self loathing homophobe ( believe me ,he likes them white and gem) and extremely paranoid. I'm sure if someone makes a bird call his girlfriend will also log on to protect Ms. he called a few people derogatory names but he loves his gay fans. he called a few people derogatory names but he loves his idiotic gay fans' money. I went to grammar and junior high with a guy who was always calling other guys "fag", "queer" , or some girl's name that sounded close to their own.

Perhaps you're right, perhaps the OP or another one of Ohio natives is right , perhaps Luke is right. What I do agree with you is that he might explode eventually and hurt himself or that girl, or strangers.Second, there was nothing in my post that said I don't believe G4P exists, as I just said above in this post.However, I don't think someone who is as homophobic as OP says Vadim is, and judging by other info he currently acts like, would do G4P under any circumstances if he was actually straight. My mom is still friends with his mom and thats how I found his page.Perhaps his family cut him off when he tried to come out, hence the porn? so I'm going to get a job where I have to fuck and get fucked by, suck and get sucked by, and make out with, guys on a weekly basis...He was pretty adamant about not being gay and not being turned on or liking men in that MTV show. and have videos made of it to show the entire world on the internet".

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He even brought souvineers for some people back in Fairborn. Don't believe the story of him being run off by family and friends. I can't say how accurate the backstory he presented was, but whatever the details, it did seem like the guy had experienced rejection throughout his childhood and at that time he DID genuinely seem incredibly worried about losing his gf - his only real family left.

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