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Before you can use this letter in an actual situation, you will need to add some more fields, such as the name and address of your own company, the date, and the currency code, and the main text of the letter.

It will also need some formatting to make it look more attractive.

You have set up the first three fields in the template so that they can contain the contact, name, and address of the customer and you can transfer the data.

The letter that you have just created only contains six fields and no body text.

You put all code in a separate codeunit that is called from a menu item on the Customer card.

You must consider the following issues when you are deciding where to place the code that uses Automation: These two issues may clash, and you will have to make some tradeoffs that are based on the actual context in which your code will be used.

Natural Reader Online is a text to speech web application with high quality premium voices for personal use only.

To make this work, your C/AL code must make two extra calls to Microsoft Office Word. Before you start writing the C/AL code that uses Automation, you must do some initial processing.Format of text copied from another document The issue here is about styles. Word thinks you're copying text in, say, Body Text style.When text is copied from one document to another, it retains direct formatting, but otherwise takes on the formatting of the style in the receiving document.You also will initiate this processing and the subsequent processing in Word from the customer card. This ensures that you can successfully use the Word fields as placeholders.This approach to mail merge is different from a mail merge that you can achieve with C/ODBC, which is better suited for bulk processing when creating a large number of letters. After you have transferred all the information, you must call the Active Document. In addition, while you can name the fields Customer or Address, you must reference them by indexing into the Fields collection of the document. First, you create a Word template that you will use to create letters to customers that qualify for a discount.

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