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Tina knows about my porn and masturbation habits and she is completely fine with it. I blurted out: "Young guys doing old women.""How old, MILFs like in their forties? ""If you must know, women in their sixties.""Wow."We left it at that.

One day though she asked me out of the blue: "what kind of porn do you like the most? Tina has this good friend, Jane, she met at the gym.

I brushed her toes slightly against my rock hard erection.

Jane started to wiggle her toes tickling my cock and balls.

I bent over and whispered in her ear: "I want to fuck you, Jane.""What about Tina? Jane was sitting straight up in our bed, but her giant tits were sagging so much that the nipples were resting on top of her legs.

""Ask her yourself, she is standing right here."Jane quickly sat up."How do you like your massage, Jane," Tina asked."Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.""Don't you want his amazing cock inside you? I lifted her right breast, then the left, playing with them.

So, she turns me away on a regular basis because she does not want it every day.

"I stuck my head in her cleavage inhaling their scent, wrapping her tits around my head.It will solve her problem and it will help me out, so you don't bother me all the time.""I don't know Tina, it's pretty weird.""Just do it, I bet you'll be screwing her within minutes."I walked over to the bedroom.Jane was lying on her stomach, naked, except she had a towel draped over her butt.Her fingers wrapped around my shaft, her thumb probing the head of my penis.Precum started to ooze, her thumb eagerly smearing it around my cock head.

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My wife Tina and I are a fit married couple in our thirties.

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