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Bibliography • • • • • • 303 The story of Kashmir from the earliest times has already been published under different titles —A Short History of Kashmir, Kashmir Past and Present, Kashmir Through the Ages. May be there are some errors of omission and commission and even of language but the presentation of the story is claimed to be independent and honest. The earliest known inhabitants of Kashmir are the Hindus, the offsprings of the ancient Aryans. The contemporary period has been dealt with rather exhaustively,the reason being that the author has lived through it. The chief creeds are Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Bud- dhism and Christianity. But as Kalhana has given up their version in several places it would have been most useful for us to see what tbeir version was and how far that version corresponded with other facts and with modern views. Stein who has studied the work most carefully opines that Kalhana** history is reliable. •Unfortunately their works are unavailable at present pro- bably because the Rajtarangini supplanted them. While he maintains a studied reticence about himself, he tries to view the world around him, so troubled and confused, with an observant eye and an open mind which are essential for a chronicler. A luxurious court maintained out of all proportions to the financial resources of his government compelled him to im- pose heavy fiscal exactions and appropriate the assets of the landed aristocracy as well as some religious institutions. Kalhana’s picturesque narrative shows how profoundly these influenced his entire outlook on society and contemporary affairs. The high position which Kalhana's family occupied apparently gave him the necessary scope for intimate per- sonal contacts with the leading men of his own time. The great historian flourished in the twelfth century when Jayasinha was the ruler of Kashmir. He cannot distinguish between the legendary and genuine elements of tradition.

The Printer's Devil has been, thanks to the Printers, combated effectively and I hope the present edition carries less number of misprints. THE AUTHOR 1923 — 1928 "Press Representative" 1925 President Postmen's Union. The Buddhists mostly live in Ladakh — (1941 Census). DIVISIONS AND CREEDS OF KASHMIR 3 Kashmiris belong to the Indo-Aryan ethnic type.

In Bid to Gain Power, BJP is Facilitating Communal Violence in Karnataka: The only agenda of the BJP in Karnataka is to win through the communal vote bank and the current situation is the performance of such an agenda.

A Historical Survey M, A H M THROUGH THE AGES (5000 B. He speaks of their degrading vices with evi- dent relish.

He portrays the men and events of his time not only in their individual manifestations but in their social and his- torical settings.

His insight into human nature is penetrating and his intimate acquaintance with his country's geography and material conditions seems to be surprisingly accurate for a poet.

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It may be that Kalhana has sometimes suppressed and sometimes exaggerated things but his delineation of events suffers nowhere from dereliction.

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